About the company

DAEWOO company was founded in 1967 in South Korea. Gradually, DAEWOO Electronics became known as a reliable manufacturer of consumer electronics, including refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and other household appliances.




international award in the field of design

320 000

employees around the world


category of equipment

Today, DAEWOO Electronics presents a wide range of household appliances on the Ukrainian market, which embodies advanced technologies and innovative solutions. Each product is the embodiment of a long history of development, striving for perfection and unshakable faith in the "Great Universe" of possibilities.

DAEWOO continues its journey into the Great Universe of innovation and technological progress, always striving to embody the latest achievements in its products for the convenience and comfort of consumers around the world.

Mission DAEWOO

To provide consumers with reliable, innovative and efficient household appliances for comfort and convenience in their everyday life.

Exclusive design

Advanced technologies

Time-tested experience

Unsurpassed level of service