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Washing of a new generation

DAEWOO - innovative technology that simplifies life!

Previously, washing was a task that took a lot of time and energy from housewives. They spent the whole day on this matter, getting tired and not having the opportunity to mark time for themselves, for their loved ones or for their affairs. But thanks to modern technology and innovative solutions from Daewoo Electronics, washing becomes an easy and pleasant task.

Innovative changes from DAEWOO include inverter motors that allow the machine to work quietly and evenly, the Intensteam steam generation system that facilitates the washing process, the Anti-Allergy function, eco-modes to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as high energy efficiency class A+++. These are just some of the innovations offered by DAEWOO.

In addition, DAEWOO washing machines have such useful functions as washing blankets and other large items, thanks to the optimal size and technical properties of the washing machine drum. At the end of the day, life is about the good times, not the laundry. Therefore, the motto of the INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY brand is innovations that simplify life.

With DAEWOO, you can be sure that your household laundry will be easy, fast and of high quality. You will be able to allocate more time for yourself, for your loved ones and for your affairs. Choose innovation, choose Daewoo Electronics!