Tumble Dryer8HT3W3UA

  • Easy ironing
  • Rotary drying
  • Wool fluffing
  • Easy ironing
  • Rotary drying
  • Wool fluffing
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  • Drying in the closet

    This is a feature that makes the laundry completely wearable - it does not need to be ironed after drying in the dryer. Of course, the result is not always 100% - sometimes a light ironing of the product is required - but it will still take much less time and effort.

  • Easy ironing

    The ironing function is aimed at reducing the number of creases and folds on the clothes, which simplifies its further care. Easy ironing means a special drum rotation algorithm and the presence of reverse. Even after the end of the drying program, the machine will periodically rotate the drum so that the laundry does not wrinkle.

  • Rotary drying

    The double-sided rotating drum prevents the formation of folds and knots, simplifying the sorting of laundry. With added crease protection, this efficient machine reduces the need for ironing after washing, so you can get on with your day. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient clothes dryer, the double-sided tumble dryer is a great choice for you!

  • Wool fluffing

    Restore the appearance of woolen products helps to remove excess water from woolen fabrics after washing, using low temperature and gentle movements of the drum for this purpose.

  • Energy efficiency

    Devices with a heat pump are the most energy efficient. They require much less energy than other types of dryers.


  • Type of drying
    Heat Pump
  • Maximum download
    8 kg
  • Drum volume
    101 l
  • Number of modes
  • Type of management
  • Power consumption class