• No Frost in the freezer
  • Fast cooling
  • Easy Tray
  • No Frost in the freezer
  • Fast cooling
  • Easy Tray
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  • No Frost in the freezer

    The system is based on the circulation of cold air streams that evenly fill the freezer. With the No Frost system, you do not have to defrost the device manually.

  • LED lighting

    There is a soft and pleasant light inside the refrigerator. It does not blind the eyes when opening the refrigerator at night, in addition, the lighting in DAEWOO refrigerators is designed to provide high visibility on each half of the chamber. For this, not precise, but long-lasting ceiling lights of optimal power are used.

  • Humidity Control

    The box is equipped with a special slider, with the help of which the level of humidity inside is regulated. The more air enters the box, the lower the humidity level. To increase it, you need to move the slider to the right, to decrease it to the left.

  • More space in the freezer

    The freezer is equipped with an Easy Tray compartment for easy access to frequently used products. It provides the most rational use of the internal space of the freezer to quickly freeze your favorite foods and always keep them at hand.

  • Door-on-Door

    The Door-on-Door system from DAEWOO, unlike its counterparts, implies a strong fixation of the panel on the door - as a result, the design is monolithic, reliable and durable. Its essence consists in the rigid fixation of the elements on the door, after which a single structure is formed. The facade part is put on the sash, completing the process of full embedding. Built-in DAEWOO refrigerators with such a function look modern and stylish, as well as practical to use.

  • Energy efficiency

    The heart of any refrigerator is the compressor. The compressor in the DAEWOO built-in refrigerator provides both quick freezing and maintaining the optimal temperature with minimal load.


  • Type of refrigerator
  • The total useful volume of the refrigerator
    243 l
  • Useful volume of the refrigerating chamber
    180 l
  • Useful volume of the freezer
    63 l
  • Power consumption class
  • The cooling system of the refrigerating chamber