• Inverter motor
  • Easy management
  • No Frost
  • Inverter motor
  • Easy management
  • No Frost
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  • Inverter motor

    An inverter motor has a number of advantages over a conventional one. It is quieter, more economical and has a longer service life. Also, depending on the change in temperature outside or inside the refrigerator, the motor starts to increase or decrease the number of revolutions per minute. This allows you to maintain the required temperature in the chamber. The warranty period is 10 years.

  • No Frost

    No Frost freezers differ from other static freezers by the principle of operation. Dry and cold air is pumped by a fan into the freezer compartment uniformly and evenly from several points. It ensures the same and uniform cooling of products.

  • Multi cooling

    A multi-flow cooling system that evenly distributes cold air so that products stay fresh longer even on the top shelves of the refrigerator.


  • Type of refrigerator
  • The total useful volume of the refrigerator
    324 l
  • Useful volume of the refrigerating chamber
    230 l
  • Useful volume of the freezer
    94 l
  • Power consumption class
  • The cooling system of the refrigerating chamber
    No frost