• No Frost
  • Easy management
  • Fast cooling
  • No Frost
  • Easy management
  • Fast cooling
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  • No Frost

    No Frost freezers differ from other static freezers by the principle of operation. Dry and cold air is pumped by a fan into the freezer compartment uniformly and evenly from several points. It ensures the same and uniform cooling of products.

  • LED control

    An informative and convenient interface is a mandatory attribute of modern technology, so the FLS396FLR0UA model is no exception. Easy control of the freezer, just one touch.

  • Fast freezing

    The quick freeze function is a convenient and effective solution that helps preserve the quality and freshness of products in your freezer. It allows you to save time and effort, ensuring fast and high-quality freezing of products.

  • Like Side-by-side

    The main feature of this refrigerator is its ability to combine with the FFN278FLR0UA freezer and create a huge Side-by-Side refrigerator. Thanks to which you can put them both together and separately. The total volume of such a pair will be 674 liters.


  • Type of refrigerator
  • The total useful volume of the refrigerator
    396 l
  • Power consumption class
  • Refrigerator cooling system
    No Frost
  • Compressor type
  • Type of management