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  • No Frost
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  • Inverter compressor

    An inverter compressor has a number of advantages over a conventional one. It is quieter, more economical and has a longer service life. Also, depending on the change in temperature outside or inside the refrigerator, the compressor starts to increase or decrease the number of revolutions per minute. This allows you to maintain the required temperature in the chamber. The warranty period is 10 years.

  • No Frost

    No Frost freezers differ from other static freezers by the principle of operation. Dry and cold air is pumped by a fan into the freezer compartment, uniformly and evenly from several points. It ensures the same and uniform cooling of products.

  • Fast freezing

    The quick freeze function is a convenient and effective solution that helps preserve the quality and freshness of products in your freezer. It allows you to save time and effort, ensuring fast and high-quality freezing of products.

  • LED control

    An informative and convenient interface is a mandatory attribute of modern technology, so the FMM459FIR0UA model is no exception. Easy control of the refrigerator and freezer, with just one touch.


    Opticrispzone has increased humidity in the container, and is primarily adapted for storing vegetables and fruits. Convertizone combines the possibility of using it as a DAILYZONE (Maintains the temperature at the zero mark for longer storage of food, meat and fish) or as an OPTICRISPZONE. Such use is appropriate during the season of vegetables and fruits.

  • French door

    This is an ideal option if you need a large capacity. The refrigerator compartment is located on top with a total volume of 319 liters. The freezer with a total volume of 140 liters is located below and is divided into 2 compartments. Convenience lies in the fact that the equipment is spacious, and to access the desired product, it is enough to open one door. One of the advantages of a French Door refrigerator is the ability to use the full width of the refrigerator for food storage. Side-by-Side refrigerators use only 50% of their width.


  • Type of refrigerator
  • The total useful volume of the refrigerator
    459 l
  • Useful volume of the refrigerating chamber
    319 l
  • Useful volume of the freezer
    140 l
  • Power consumption class
  • The cooling system of the refrigerating chamber
    No frost