• WOK-stove
  • Cast iron grates
  • Auto ignition
  • WOK-stove
  • Cast iron grates
  • Auto ignition
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  • A modern classic

    DAEWOO cooking surfaces are a classic choice for modern kitchens, they will appeal to fans of concise and functional design. DAEWOO appliances are easy to combine with artificial and natural finishing materials, as well as other kitchen appliances. You can create a composition in dark saturated colors or advantageously emphasize the contrast by combining black cooking surfaces with light interior elements.

  • Cast iron grates

    The cast iron grates installed on DAEWOO gas cook tops perform an important task: they support the cookware and prevent it from tipping over. Cast iron is a very strong and durable material, so you can put even pans filled with water or large boilers for pilaf on it without fear.

  • WOK-stove

    The WOK gas burner is a modernized system. Such a burner has three rows of flames, which allows for enhanced heat treatment. A feature of the DAEWOO cooking surface is the presence of Italian SABAF burners. They are characterized by high quality and efficiency in gas consumption, while at the same time they are as safe as possible in operation.

  • Advantages of the WOK burner

    Fast heating. Using a WOK burner allows you to reduce cooking time by 20%. You can use such a burner to quickly heat up food, fry meat until crispy, and cook food in other ways. The versatility of the WOK burner. The WOK burner is compatible with dishes with curved and straight bottoms. Concave dishes are perfect for cooking Asian food at home. Intensive roasting. The curved bottom of the dish and the special structure of the burner will ensure uniform frying of food. Using a minimum of oil, you will fry meat, potatoes and other products until crispy.

  • Auto ignition

    The auto-ignition function allows you to ignite gas safely and protects users from the possibility of burns. When using autoignition, the spark is supplied by pressing the rotary knobs on the control panel.


  • Type of hob
  • Type of heating zones
    Gas burners
  • Number of burners / heating zones
  • Base material
    Tempered glass
  • Grid material
    Cast iron
  • Autoignition