Inductive, sensory


  • Smart control panel
  • Heating boost function
  • Heat retention function
  • Smart control panel
  • Heating boost function
  • Heat retention function
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  • Modernity

    Models of cooking panels with induction burners are equipped with electronic control, which allows you to set more accurate parameters of work, use different cooking programs. This technique is also characterized by a modern design that combines practicality and aesthetic appeal.

  • Button lock

    It is used to set the "lock" of the device in the working mode. No push button settings will be available (e.g. heating settings). It will only be possible to turn off the device.

  • Smart control panel

    Thanks to the unique placement of the controls on this product, you can easily identify which button controls which zone.

  • Expansion zone

    Thanks to the expansion zone in Daewoo cooking panels, you don't have to waste time on selecting dishes, the size of which exactly corresponds to the diameter of the burners. The heating field can be adjusted to the dimensions of the container being used.

  • Heating boost function

    All hotplates are equipped with the Induction Boost function. It allows you to greatly increase the power of the burner. If you are late with cooking or just want to save your time and not spend it near the stove, then this function is your savior.


  • Type of hob
  • Type of heating zones
  • Number of burners / heating zones
  • Base material
    Glass ceramics
  • Autoignition
    There is none
  • Gas control of burners