Hydro Assist, Vapclean


  • Hydro Assist
  • Vapclean
  • 75 liters
  • Hydro Assist
  • Vapclean
  • 75 liters
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  • Art

    Each of the ovens is a work of art, and you can decorate the interior of the kitchen with it. But in addition, the oven has a wide functionality and a large volume (75 l). In this cabinet, you can perfectly prepare baked, ruddy pies or grilled meat at different levels of the chamber, due to the use of the convection mode.

  • Hydro Assist

    The function combines steam with traditional cooking functions, using the evaporation of water inside the oven. Pour water into the mold at the bottom and select the HydroAssist function.

  • VapClean

    Thanks to the VapClean function, dried food stains inside the oven are softened by steam. To perform VapClean, a glass of water is poured into a small tray, which will be placed on the bottom of the oven. After that, the VapClean function is activated to create steam inside the oven, which softens dried food stains.

  • Catalytic enamel

    Catalytic enamel self-cleans by absorbing fats and oils and burning them to ash, which can then be easily removed from the bottom of the oven with a damp cloth.


  • Type of oven
  • Internal volume
    75 l
  • Type of management
  • Type of switches
    Button, rotary
  • Number of modes
  • Color