Washing machineWMSG8542W3B1

  • IntenSteam
  • Anti-allergy
  • Eco
  • IntenSteam
  • Anti-allergy
  • Eco
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  • Inverter motor

    The inverter motor is a guarantee of durability, reliability, high efficiency, long service life and complete comfort of quiet operation of the DAEWOO washing machine. The warranty period is 10 years.

  • Швидка 12'

    Для поціновувачів активного способу життя є спеціальна швидка програма на 12 хвилин, за допомогою якої можна освіжити спортивний одяг після заняття. Вона розрахована на 2 кг білизни, що дозволяє дбайливо відноситься до ресурсів.

  • Ефективний догляд

    Спеціально розроблений візерунок барабана, підйомник, скляні дверцята та прокладка. Делікатний догляд з кращою ефективністю прання.

  • IntenSteam

    Steam generation system. This makes ironing quick and easy. The steam used for washing penetrates the fibers and loosens them, eliminates wrinkles and ensures softness and delicacy of clothes.

  • Anti-allergy

    Steam treatment destroys up to 99.9% of household allergens.

  • Additional functions

    Sweat stains: the function allows you to soak the laundry in cold water to remove sweat stains before starting the selected washing program. Coffee stains: the function increases the washing time and applies a special algorithm to remove the stain as best as possible. Oil stains: the function adds a cold rinse before the selected program and new washing stages for more effective stain removal. Mixed types of stains: the function allows you to soak the laundry with warm water, for a better dissolution of stains before starting the selected washing program.

  • Eco-washing

    The function increases the washing time of the washing machine, but reduces the use of energy and water.

  • Energy efficiency

    Economy is the first advantage of the inverter motor, thanks to this, the washing machine has an energy efficiency class of A+++


  • Engine type
  • Maximum download
    6 kg
  • Max. spin speed
    1200 rpm
  • Pair function
  • Drive unit
  • Noise level during washing