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Energy efficiency of DAEWOO household appliances

Energy efficiency is an indicator of how efficiently an energy resource is used. The less is spent to achieve a certain result, the higher this indicator.

It is important to understand that you cannot compare the energy consumption class of washing machines with a refrigerator or TV. For different groups of equipment, the scale is calculated according to different criteria (for example, for washing machines, the electricity consumption for washing 1 kg of laundry is taken, and for TVs, the ratio of power consumption to screen size).

But fortunately, the designations are the same. These are the letters of the Latin alphabet from A (on a green background) to G (on a dark red): the closer the letter is to the beginning of the alphabet, the more efficient the energy consumption.

The energy efficiency class speaks not only about the "appetite" of household appliances, but also about the general level of manufacturability. Innovative technologies and advanced design work directly to increase efficiency.

Inverter technology with smoothly adjustable power has a great influence on the optimization of resource consumption.

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