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A perfect couple

We present to you the perfect pair for your laundry room - the WM814T3WB7UA washing machine and the 8HT3W3UA dryer from DAEWOO.

Let's start with the WM814T3WB7UA washing machine. This washing machine impresses with its performance and innovative functions. Thanks to its capacity of 8 kg, you can easily handle a large volume of laundry. It offers a variety of washing programs, including a delicate mode for sensitive fabrics and a program to save water and energy. Steam washing technology helps to get rid of odors and dirt, ensuring the cleanliness and freshness of your laundry.

And now let's move on to the dryer 8HT3W3UA. This appliance from DAEWOO ensures efficient and quick drying of your laundry. Thanks to its volume of 8 kg, you can dry large amounts of laundry at the same time. It has different drying modes, including a delicate mode for sensitive fabrics and a wrinkle reduction program, which allows you to keep your laundry in excellent condition.

Together, these two appliances create the perfect team for your laundry room, ensuring cleanliness, freshness and comfort in your home.

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