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From foundation to innovative leader

From Foundation to Innovative Leader: The Way of DAEWOO Electronics

The history of DAEWOO Electronics, whose name translates from Korean as "Great Universe", began on March 22, 1967. Founded as a small manufacturing company, a year later DAEWOO began its journey by creating its own clothing factory. However, ambitions and a desire for development quickly led the company to new orbits of activity.

Already in the early 70s, DAEWOO declared itself a success in the construction industry and gained recognition on the international market. 1976 marked the beginning of a growth strategy through the acquisition of promising businesses, including an oil refinery in Belgium and a heavy industry plant.

The beginning of the 80s marked a new era for DAEWOO - the company began to produce cars, marine vessels, consumer electronics and telecommunications equipment. Among the successful projects, it is worth noting the acquisition of the factory of ORION ELECTRIC Co., LTD., which became key in the development and production of the latest kinescopes for DAEWOO televisions.

By the mid-80s, the company had reached such a high technological level that it ventured into producing parts for spaceships and industrial robots. However, the late 1990s brought with it challenges: the Asian financial crisis threatened the existence of many Korean corporations, including the DAEWOO Group.

1998 was a year of great changes – the main divisions of the company, including DAEWOO Telecom, DAEWOO Heavy Industries and DAEWOO Electronics, were separated and became independent units. This marked the beginning of a new era for DAEWOO Electronics, which underwent restructuring during 2002-2003, the purpose of which was to create conditions for a successful future for the company. An important step in the European structure was the unification of some subsidiary companies under the leadership of DAEWOO Electronics Europe GmbH in Germany, emphasizing the strategic importance of the company in the European market.

Today, DAEWOO presents a wide range of household appliances on the Ukrainian market, which embodies advanced technologies and innovative solutions. Each product is the embodiment of a long history of development, striving for perfection and unshakable faith in the "Great Universe" of possibilities.

DAEWOO continues its journey into the Great Universe of innovation and technological progress, always striving to embody the latest achievements in its products for the convenience and comfort of consumers around the world.

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