45 cm


  • Turbo drying
  • The third shelf
  • Eco
  • Turbo drying
  • The third shelf
  • Eco
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  • JetWash

    Програма JetWash 14' одна з найшвидших програм. Миття посуду в посудомийній машині на 4 комплекти всього за 14 хвилин.

  • Turbo drying

    This technology significantly reduces drying time and ensures that dishes leave the machine completely dry and ready for use or storage. Turbo drying also helps prevent water spots and marks on glass and metal dishes.

  • Aqua Zone

    Internal sprinklers rotate under low water pressure, with Aqua Zone technology they work alternately. Aqua Zone provides deep cleaning without the need for manual washing, making the washing process more efficient and convenient.

  • The third shelf

    The shelf located at the top of the machine is designed for washing small kitchen items. It provides more space for washing small items, freeing up the main baskets for larger dishes. It also provides better access of water and detergents to small items, which increases the quality of washing.

  • Energy efficiency

    Devices with energy efficiency class A++ are environmentally friendly and economical in operation, which helps to reduce electricity costs and reduce the impact on the environment.


  • Kind
    Narrow (45 cm)
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  • Capacity of sets of dishes
  • Retractable third box for cutlery
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  • Number of washing programs