Daewoo WD9614T3WDS7UA washer-dryer

The DAEWOO WD9614T3SB7UA washer-dryer is a modern and functional device that combines washing and drying functions, providing convenience and efficiency in clothes care. Thanks to this model, you will not need to buy a separate dryer.

This washer-dryer has a large volume, which allows you to wash and dry large volumes of laundry in one cycle. It is equipped with a variety of washing and drying programs that can be easily selected using the touch screen and intuitive interface. These programs include different washing modes for different types of fabrics, as well as drying modes with different levels of temperature and time, which allows you to ensure the optimal result for each type of laundry.

One of the advantages of this model is its high energy efficiency, which allows you to save energy and money with each washing and drying. Energy efficiency class A indicates that this machine works efficiently and economically.

In addition, the DAEWOO WD9614T3SB7UA washer-dryer has a stylish and modern design that will complement any interior.

Overall, this model is a reliable and functional device that will help you take care of your clothes easily and efficiently, ensuring high quality washing and drying every time.

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